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1 Severed Head Stoning Pat O'Brien / Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 1:45 Rdio 2 Psychotic Precision Paul Mazurkiewicz / Pat O'Brien Cannibal Corpse 2:56 Rdio 3 Decency Defied Jack Owen Cannibal Corpse 2:59 Rdio 4 Frantic Disembowelment Paul Mazurkiewicz / Pat O'Brien Cannibal Corpse 2:50 Rdio 5 The Wretched Spawn Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 4:09 Rdio 6 Cyanide Assassin Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 3:11 Rdio 7 Festering in the Crypt Jack Owen Cannibal Corpse 4:38 Rdio 8 Nothing Left to Mutilate Jack Owen Cannibal Corpse 3:49 Rdio 9 Blunt Force Castration Paul Mazurkiewicz / Pat O'Brien Cannibal Corpse 3:27 Rdio 10 Rotted Body Landslide Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 3:24 Rdio 11 Slain Jack Owen Cannibal Corpse 3:32 Rdio 12 Bent Backwards and Broken Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 2:58 Rdio 13 They Deserve to Die Alex Webster Cannibal Corpse 4:43 Rdio Track Listing - Disc 2 Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream 1 The Making of the Wretched Spawn Cannibal Corpse


For album number nine, Wretched Spawn, Cannibal Corpse continue on with much the same style of gore-themed death metal that had made them a mainstay of the stateside scene for a decade-and-a-half. Bassist Alex Webster and guitarist Jack Owen write most of the songs here, respectively, and those songs are pretty much what you've come to expect from Cannibal Corpse by this point -- musically pulverizing and lyrically unsettling. Vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is as unrelenting as usual, especially on such songs as "Frantic Disembowelment," where he switches from growling to screaming with seeming ease. Wretched Spawn is overall a pretty brief album, clocking in just under 45 minutes, as few of the 13 songs break the four-minute mark. The title track is an exception, as are the lumbering "Festering in the Crypt" and the thrashing album-closer, "They Deserve to Die" -- these three longer songs being some of the more interesting ones here, given their unique characteristics. Most of the others are rather straight-ahead death metal blasts, and while they're on the mark stylistically, they may seem a bit workmanlike to longtime fans who have heard all this before. And that's perhaps the one lurking problem with Wretched Spawn -- it sounds great and is everything you'd expect it to be, but it's nothing new for this veteran band, who long ago perfected their death metal attack. If you're perfectly fine with the status quo, or are perhaps new to Cannibal Corpse, you'll surely find much delight here; however, if you're looking for something beyond another run-of-the-mill album from the band, you'll probably want to pass this one over. Unlike more memorable albums such as Tomb of the Mutilated (1992) and Bleeding (1994) where the band took its music to another level, Wretched Spawn is simply Cannibal Corpse continuing on with their trademark mayhem, seemingly confined by or content with their own musical boundaries, for better or worse. [Wretched Spawn is accompanied by a making-of DVD.]

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Formato da Mídia CD
Nº de Faixas 13
Código Identificador (SKU) CC004

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