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1 City Girls J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:50 SpotifyRdio 2 Devil in Disguise J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:02 SpotifyRdio 3 One Step Ahead of the Blues J.J. Cale / Roger Tillison J.J. Cale 2:24 SpotifyRdio 4 You Keep Me Hangin' On J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 3:27 SpotifyRdio 5 Downtown L.A. J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:26 SpotifyRdio 6 Can't Live Here J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:13 SpotifyRdio 7 Grasshopper J.J. Cale / Wayne Johnson / John Phillips J.J. Cale 1:38 SpotifyRdio 8 Drifters Wife J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 1:41 SpotifyRdio 9 Don't Wait J.J. Cale / Christine Lakeland J.J. Cale 3:11 SpotifyRdio 10 A Thing Going On J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:39 SpotifyRdio 11 Nobody But You J.J. Cale / Walter Spriggs J.J. Cale 3:03 SpotifyRdio 12 Mississippi River J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 2:05 SpotifyRdio 13 Does Your Mama Like to Reggae J.J. Cale / Christine Lakeland J.J. Cale 3:42 SpotifyRdio 14 Dr. Jive J.J. Cale J.J. Cale 1:44 SpotifyRdio


J.J. Cale drifts toward a more pop approach on this album, starting with the lead-off track, "City Girls," which could almost but not quite be a hit single. The usual blues and country shuffle approach is in effect, but Audie Ashworth's production is unusually sharp, the playing has more bite than usual, and Cale, whose vocals are for the most part up in the mix, sounds more engaged. It's not clear, however, that this is an improvement over his usual laidback approach, and, in any case, it shouldn't be over-emphasized -- this is still a J.J. Cale album, with its cantering tempos and single-note guitar runs. It's just that, when you have a style as defined as Cale's, little movements in style loom larger.

Informação Adicional

Artista J.J. CALE
Formato da Mídia CD
Origem USA
Nº de Faixas 14
Código Identificador (SKU) 800 038 2

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