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Track Listing - Disc 1 Title/Composer Performer Time 1 Love Gun song review Kiss 2 Deuce song review Kiss 3 Makin' Love Kiss 4 The Dressing Room Kiss 5 Lick It Up Kiss 6 Christine Sixteen song review Kiss 7 Photo Shoots Kiss 8 She song review Kiss 9 Tears Are Falling Kiss 10 Got to Choose song review Kiss 11 The Meet & Greets Kiss 12 I Love It Loud song review Kiss 13 Love Her All I Can song review Kiss 14 I Want You song review Kiss 15 Soundchecks Kiss 16 Parasite Kiss Track Listing - Disc 2 Title/Composer Performer Time 1 War Machine Kiss 2 100, 000 Years Kiss 3 The Theatre Shows Kiss 4 Unholy Kiss 5 Shout It out Loud song review Kiss 6 On the Road Kiss 7 I Was Made for Lovin' You song review Kiss 8 Detroit Rock City song review Kiss 9 God Gave Rock & Roll to You Kiss 10 Rock & Roll All Nite Kiss 11 Bonus Material Kiss


Kiss has issued countless home videos and DVDs over the years, so it's understandable if one assumes that their 2005 model, Rock the Nation: Live, treads similar water. But unlike the others, this double-DVD set reconstructs the complete set of a Kiss "rock" concert (2003's Kiss Symphony saw the band collaborate with -- a symphony). And in this case, the group's 2004 summer tour is showcased -- by combining highlights from shows in Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach. While hardcore fans of the original lineup may frown upon the release since Ace Frehley and Peter Criss aren't present (replaced by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, respectively), there is quite a lot to attract longtime admirers of the group. First off, in addition to the expected classics, the DVD sees the group dust off quite a few tracks that had rarely been played before (some making their live debut), including such standouts as "Got to Choose," "Love Her All I Can," and as a bonus bit, "Goin' Blind." Secondly, there are a few interesting gadgets not included on any previous Kiss DVD releases, most notably a "Kiss Powervision/Select-A-Kiss" option, which lets you zero in on the specific Kiss member of your choosing. One complaint though is the annoying, constant presence of pre-recorded, scantily clad strippers dancing away on screens behind the band, rather than close-up shots of the group itself (which would have come in handy for the poor buggers stranded all the way up in the nose bleeds). From a sound and visual point of view, Rock the Nation: Live is arguably the finest live Kiss DVD to hit the marketplace. One can only hope that when Kiss finally decides to open the vaults, vintage shows will be on par with this.

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Artista KISS
Formato da Mídia DVD
Nº de Faixas 27
Código Identificador (SKU) 7898921013536

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