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  • PRETTY MAIDS - FUTURE WORLD       'CD'      ''USA''


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1 Future World Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 5:23 SpotifyRdio 2 Loud 'N' Proud Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 3:52 SpotifyRdio 3 Love Games Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 4:13 SpotifyRdio 4 Yellow Rain Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 5:30 SpotifyRdio 5 Rodeo Ronnie Atkins / Larry Bastian / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 4:14 SpotifyRdio 6 We Came to Rock Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 4:30 SpotifyRdio 7 Needles in the Dark Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 5:03 SpotifyRdio 8 Eye of the Storm Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer Pretty Maids 4:57 SpotifyRdio 9 Long Way to Go Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer / Stevie Nicks / Rick Nowels Pretty Maids 3:27


After achieving regional success with their first three records, Danish rockers Pretty Maids released Future World. Fueled by constant airplay on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and fresh off of a Scandinavian tour with Black Sabbath, the band finally had a record that connected with American audiences. The blistering title track boasts a killer guitar riff, a driving rhythm section, and lead vocalist Ronnie Atkins' full-throated Klaus Meine-like snarl. Keyboardist Alan Owen punctuates Ken Hammer's licks with a refreshing urgency that's the direct antithesis of wimpy contemporaries like White Lion and Night Ranger. Even requisite '80s power ballads -- a painful genre unto itself -- like "Love Games" and "Eye of the Storm" sound less contrived than anything that Europe ever recorded. That's not to say that Future World doesn't fall into the same traps that have ensnared past metal bands taking a detour into pop. "We Came to Rock," a diluted facsimile of Ronnie James Dio's superb "We Rock," shrivels beneath inane lyrics like "Can you feel the fever burnin'" -- with a five-second delay on the word "burnin'" -- and showcases the group's weakness for lame rock posturing.

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Formato da Mídia CD
Origem USA
Nº de Faixas 9
Código Identificador (SKU) 2 62452 2-CD

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