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1 Just Another Hour The Tee Set 2:48 2 I Go Out of My Mind Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 3:27 3 Don't You Leave Theo Kuppens The Tee Set 3:35 4 Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett The Tee Set 2:57 5 Nothing Can Ever Change The Tee Set 2:33 6 Jet Set Pete Tetteroo The Tee Set 2:45 7 Willy Nilly Isaac Hayes / David Porter The Tee Set 2:53 8 Play That Record Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 3:53 9 Can Your Monkey Do the Dog Rufus Thomas The Tee Set 2:15 10 So Fine Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 2:50 11 For Miss Caulker Eric Burdon The Tee Set 4:51 12 You Better Believe It Joe Tex The Tee Set 3:29 13 Early in the Morning Robbie Van Leeuwen The Tee Set 2:26 14 Believe What I Say Robbie Van Leeuwen The Tee Set 2:22 15 Don't Go Mess with Cupid The Tee Set 1:26 16 Long Ago Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 2:42 17 Please Call Me Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 3:01 18 So I Came Back to You The Tee Set 2:48 19 Now's the Time Ray Fenwick / Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 2:43 20 Bring a Little Sunshine Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 3:04 21 What Can I Do The Tee Set 1:59 22 Colours of the Rainbow The Tee Set 1:43 23 When I Needed You Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 2:10 24 I Can't Forget You Hans VanEijck The Tee Set 2:34


A reissue of their 1966 debut album, doubled in length for CD with the addition of some 1966-1967 singles and a solo 45 by lead vocalist Peter Tetteroo. Most of the material's original (although much of it was supplied by non-member Hans Van Eijck), but while the band plays competently and Tetteroo's a talented blue-eyed soulster, the songs are largely unmemorable mid-'60s soul pastiches (with some vague flower pop influence on some of the later sides). There are a couple standout tracks -- the swampy "Play That Record" in particular is a buried treasure, and "Colours of the Rainbow" is the most dead-on emulation of Stevie Winwood in his Spencer Davis days that you'll ever come across. "Ma Belle Amie," released a few years after the era this compilation covers, ain't here; it can be found on Rhino's Super Hits of the '70s: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 2.

Informação Adicional

Artista TEE SET
Formato da Mídia CD
Nº de Faixas 24
Código Identificador (SKU) RPM-134

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